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SCADA Systems Engineering & Design

Timberline Radio Systems Ltd., designs and Engineers SCADA Systems for Environmental Monitoring, Water and Snow Level Reporting, Power Control Systems and PLC Control. SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. SCADA Systems are commonly "built to suit"... this is to say that each system is built to suit the application they are meant to control or monitor.

SCADA Systems for Water Level MonitoringEnvironmental companies often need to monitor water levels and contaminants in water, for example; Run of River Hydro Electric Projects need to monitor water levels, while mineral mines need to monitor for chemicals before the water re-enters rivers or streams.

Most SCADA systems remain unmanned and are programmed to report data automatically, through radio, satellite, microwave or cellular communications.

SCADA Systems are typically powered by Solar Panels, Battery and Wind Power to maintain uptime throughout the seasons in sunlight, wind, rain or snow.

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