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Long Range HF Communications Systems - HF Single Sideband Mobile & Base Station Radios

Long Range HF Radio Communications Systems (SSB)

Timberline Radio Systems Ltd., supplies HF SSB Long Range Radio Systems for Mining Companies, Humanitarian Aid Organizations, Scientific Research, and Environmental Organizations. HF Radio, otherwise known as High-Frequency, is used in places where conventional communications are difficult to access or completely non-existent. The main purpose of HF is to provide long range Voice & Data communications (Mostly voice) in harsh, remote conditions. Skywave Radio Waves Bounce HF Radio Short Wave Radio Unlike VHF or UHF Systems, HF Radio Systems take advantage of the Ionosphere at atmospheric levels to "bounce" the radio signal from the ground, to the sky and back to ground where the signal is received.

For over a century, Military, Aviation, Marine, Arctic and Antarctic Scientists, as well as Ham Radio Operators have used HF as a standard, everyday communications tool because they know HF Radio will always work. As long as there's still one operator on the air and one radio, your communications will be heard for hundreds, even thousands of miles.

HF Communications uses Larger than normal Antennas, and Long Wires, that can be mounted anywhere from a Vehicle Bumper, to a Tree-Top of self supporting pole.

HF Single Side Band (USB / LSB ) radios are used in many applications including Wildlife Research, Scientific Operations, Marine Navigation, Long Range Aircraft, Logging & Bush Operations, Military, Government and International NGO's.

Timberline Radio Systems Ltd supplies a variety of HF Long Range Communications Products. Call today for more information on how we can help!

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Introducing the ICOM 8101-125 WATT HIGH Power
"Over the Horizon" Long Range HF Radio Transceiver

ICOM IC-F8101 HF Radio
ICOM does it again with their newest, Rock Solid, Long Range Mobile/Base Communications Radio. Built Tough for the Working Environment.

Make the move to HF Long Range Communications!

The ICOM 8101 HF Long Range "Over the Horizon" (HF-OTH) Two Way Radio allows Base & Mobile users to communicate over long distances, for hundreds, even thousands of miles, without the need for mountaintop repeaters or multiple linked systems. Instead, this powerful radio takes advantage of the atmosphere to bounce radio signals, making it one of the most powerful communications tools yet!

Featuring ICOM Clear Talk Audio, ICOM IC-F8101 HF Long Range Two Way Radiothis radio boasts a powerful 125 WATTS of Raw Power, making it perfect for Military Forces, Governments, Mining, Drilling & Bush Operations, especially in Remote Locations such as Islands, Jungles and the Far North, where access to repeaters is challenging.

This new multi-mode radio is user-friendly,requires no infrastructure (IE; repeaters) and is suitable for business and industry, utilities, public safety and government entities around the world.

For Data communications, install the internal RapidM TC4 Modem for enhanced speed and reliability. Used by Military, Governments and Tactical Groups around the world - Count on RapidM !

RapidM TC4 Modem for ICOM 8110

Built ICOM Tough - The compact F8101 is built to MIL-STD 810 specifications and rated IP54 for dust and water resistance. This 125W radio supports a fanless design and performs at full duty cycle voice mode. When combined with the optional external cooling fan unit, the F8101 achieves 100% duty cycle to promote stable, continuous operation in digital and voice mode. Users can check the radio's condition by using the Built-in Test functions.

The radio also utilizes Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) to automatically select the most appropriate channel for communication. Selcall (Selective Calling) is also available and includes selective, phone, message, position, status, emergency calls and channel test call.

Features Include:
Easy Installation
Powerful 125 WATTS Power - Continuous Duty
Clear Talk Audio (Filtering out static)
Upper & Lower Sideband
Digital Voice & Data Communications
ALE - Automatic Link Establishment between units
SELCAL - Selective Calling Between Units or Talk Groups (Privacy)

Available Options:
100% Duty Cycle Power Supply for Base Stations
Remote Control Mic
Remote Control Head
GPS Data Location Unit
Base & Mobile Auto Tune Antennas
Repeater Cross Connect Capable

Product Sheet / User Manual

Why HF Radio ?

In today’s world of instant voice, email, messaging, fax and GPS navigation, what has High Frequency (HF) radio to offer? Surprisingly perhaps, HF radio provides all of these options and has several important advantages over other communications media.

HF radio will never replace fixed and mobile telephony as the first communications option for the general public, but for organisations involved in emergency, remote and military communications it is a vital and irreplaceable wireless communications tool.

Long Range Communications Capability

Whilst VHF and UHF radio is also commonly used for short-range line-of sight (LOS) communications, only HF is capable of communicating over distances of 3000 km or more.

Minimal Infrastructure Requirements

Unlike conventional, Voice Over IP (VoIP), cellular and satellite telephony, which all rely upon land-based infrastructure, an HF radio network requires minimal infrastructure. As such it is often the only reliable means of communication when disaster strikes.

Full Mobility

HF radio is simple and quick to deploy and provides communications capability for users no matter where they are. Fixed base stations can be used to communicate with other bases or to provide command and control for mobile (vehicle-mounted) and portable (manpack) users in the field.

HF radio can be used to communicate with existing VHF and UHF radio systems, cellular telephones and land-based telephones through developments in cross-patching technology that make this as easy as dialling a telephone number.

Low Cost of Ownership

Compared with satellite telephony, the most common alternative technology for communications of last resort, HF radio is the economical choice. Once the initial investment in equipment is made, there are no call costs or ongoing monthly line or equipment rentals. Also, HF radio equipment is built tough to withstand the extreme conditions, which proves to be very cost-effective.

Command and Control

The nature of emergency planning requires that simultaneous communications be made to and amongst a number of operators in a command and control style network. This facilitates situational awareness amongst the users and external organisations that can also be included in the network. HF radio provides this capability in all base station, mobile (vehicle-mounted) and portable manpack configurations of the radio network.

Security of Communications

Where communications are sensitive, HF radio offers technologies to ensure the security of voice and data transmissions. The military uses HF radio as its primary communications medium and from the military have come a number of enhancements in voice encryption and frequency hopping which guarantee secure communications. For non-military use, different levels of encryption are available to suit the individual organisation’s security requirements.



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